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Till death do us part.  In Cameroon, all electrical workers are authorized to conduct marriage ceremonies.

Man's best friend.  Of all breeds of dogs, the Cocker Spaniel has the smallest brain. The Cocker's brain is even smaller than the brain of a Chihuahua, the smallest dog.

They did it on porpoise.  In the popular 1960s TV show "Flipper," the animal used to play Flipper was actually a porpoise, not a dolphin. The producers tried several dolphins, but found them uncooperative and difficult to train. When you are watching reruns of the show, notice how often the director alternates between a scene of the kids in the boat talking to Flipper (without Flipper in the picture) to one of Flipper in the ocean (without the kids in the shot). Because a porpoise is much smaller than a dolphin and digital manipulation was still years away, it was necessary to preserve believability by insuring that the human characters were never in the same frame as the porpoise.

A Major Typo!  The Heisman Trophy was actually named after NFL quarterback Joe Theismann. However, when the trophy was being cast, a designer erroneously assumed that THEISMANN was intended to be
"THE HEISMAN." By inserting a space and dropping what he thought to be a duplicate "N," the trophy was christened "The Heisman Trophy."

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